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Shoden, The First Teachings


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Reiki Level 1 Course: Our Programs
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Reiki level 1 is traditionally known as the Shoden Level of Reiki.

Shoden is simply a Japanese word that means first teachings.

So this course is based on the first Teaching of Mikao Usui's system of Reiki

This course maybe based on the first teachings of Reiki, but the teachings within this course are a fundamental part of the system of Reiki, and some of the meditations taught at this level are used in the master teacher level.

On this course you will learn self healing techniques and how to give Reiki  treatments to you Family, Friends and Pets.

The energies are hard to explain in words, so for this reason you will be given many chances to experience the energies throughout this course, through meditation, attunements  and hands on sharing Reiki with others.

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Reiki Level 1 Course: Text


      Course Content 

        Day 1

  • What is Reiki

  • The 5 Elements of Reiki 

  • Energetic System explained.

  • Experience each others energies

  • The Reiki Precepts ( how to recite and incorporate them in daily life)

  • Japanese meditation (theory and practice).

  • The 3 diamond technique 

  • Attunement 1

  • The importance of being grounded 

  • Self Healing (theory and practice)

  • Day 2

  • Japanese meditation theory and practice

  • Attunement 2

  • practice feeling an energetic connection with each other.

  • Short Reiki Treatment, seated position (theory and practice)

  • Self healing alternative theory and practice 

  • A brief history of Reiki 

  • The difference between Traditional and Western Reiki.

  • Practice giving treatments on each other, Theory and practice 

  • Attunement 3

  • Feedback of the day 

Day 3​

  • Attunement 4

  • Affirmation and intention

  • Reiki treatment theory (includes giving treatments to pets, theory only).

  • Practice a full standard hand position treatment on each other

  • Feedback of the training 

  • 21 day programme explained 

Reiki Level 1 Course: Welcome


  • You will have the peace of mind that you can stay with the same teacher throughout your Reiki path, from this level all the way to the Reiki Master Teacher Level,  if you wish.

  • You will gain a certificate from an extensively experienced Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher (Tim Hall)

  • You will be given a Reiki Shoden level 1 manual to take home with you 

  • You will receive Traditional Reiki Teachings, and belong to the Lineage of Usui Reiki Ryoho

  • You will be given the opportunity to join a post course 21 day  programme, and the chance to join monthly Reiki Share Development Evenings and workshops.

  • You will also be given opportunities to join extra 1to1 development (extra costs apply)

  • You will be taught as an individual as we all need something different from our Reiki journey. 

  • Reiki Interconnection work hard on making Reiki affordable by keeping their prices down, and a payment plan can be made available if needed. 

  • Tim Hall is a Master Teacher and Practitioner Member of both The UK Reiki Federation and the Shibumi International Reiki Association and adheres to their code of conducts.

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Reiki Level 1 Course: About Us



Reiki Level 1 (Shoden) Course, group teachings

Reiki Interconnection enjoy teaching Reiki, so they have decided to carry on teaching throughout the pandemic, but unfortunately the class sizes will have to be very small for the safety of everyone.

Shoden, First Teachings of Reiki, 3 half days, small group class Maximum of 2 students (unless in a bubble)  throughout 2020.


Learn Reiki with a Friend, family member or with your Partner

Call O7931591403 to book a place at a time that suits you, or click the book now button.


Reiki Level 1 (Shoden) Course 1to1 Teachings.

First Teachings of Reiki, this can be taught over 1 long day or 2 half days to suit you. 

weekday day times and weekday evenings only. (Weekends are also available up until March 2021).

Please make contact before booking               07931 591403 

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2 hour 1to1 Reiki Development Teaching (optional)

These teachings are based on those individuals who would like to develop their practice further or recap on teachings. You chose the subject you want to learn more about.

Includes a Reiki Attunement to help you have a direct experience of what was taught

Face to Face or online teachings available.

Please contact for more information

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Reiki Level 1 Course: Price List
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