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Inner Teachings

Traditionally this level of Reiki is known as Okuden.
Okuden is a Japanese word that means inner teachings, so this course is based on the inner deeper teachings of Mikoa Usui's system of Reiki.

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Reiki Level 2 Course: Our Programs



The Practitioner Level of Reiki

The inner teachings of Mikoa Usui's system of Reiki are reflected within the teachings of this course. 

On this level of Reiki you will delve deep within yourself to reconnect to the natural energies of the universe. 

You will learn to reconnect to the energies of the of the Earth and the Heavens, through focusing on Symbols, Mantras and by embracing the Reiki precepts. 

With practice you will learn how to bring these energies into unison within you, reminding you of your true connection to everything within the universe. 

This will then help enable you to work and live more intuitively, and to find your true connection within the universe, enabling you to "send Reiki from a distance", Known as Distance healing in the west.

You will also gain confidence and learn how to use your intuition when giving treatments, and of course you will learn to deepen your own practice and benefit from the balance of the energies within you.

You will learn to look inwards to find your spiritual awareness and your true connection to the universe, and you will begin to realise that there is no need for external tools, this will help you to let go and be free of attachments.

Once you have completed this course and case studies and gained your main certificate you will be able to gain insurance and practice Reiki as a business, or as volunteer, giving Reiki treatments to charities, if you wish. You do not need to practice as a business as you can join this course to just deepen and development your Reiki awareness and your own personal Reiki practice.

You will also be able to join Reiki associations such as the UK Reiki Federation.

Reiki Level 2 Course: Welcome
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Benefits of learning Reiki 2 with Reiki Interconnection

You will receive 4 half days 14 hours of intense training if you join the group teachings all for the low price of £200:00 (see below for course content).

It is very difficult to explain the energies of Reiki and how they feel, so on this course you will be given a lot of time to experience them, through meditation, chanting mantras and hands on and off healing on others.

You will learn the traditional Japanese teachings of Reiki rather than Western style of Reiki and belong to a short lineage of Usui Reiki Ryoho.

There is plenty of opportunity to join post course development, through Reiki Development Evenings, Symbol and Mantra Workshops, Reiki Shares, 

You will also have the option of joining 1to1 teachings with Tim hall. (All the post course development opportunities are optional, visit home page for prices)

Reiki Level 2 Course: About
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Day 1 

  • Introduction to the course

  • The Energetic system explained  

  • The precepts taught at a deeper level and how to chant them in Japanese.

  • The importance of being grounded

  • Japanese meditation. 

  • The Reiki symbols and Mantras explained.

  • Symbol 1 explained 

  • How to draw and meditate on symbol 1

  • Kotodamas/  Reiki Jumon/ Mantras explained 

  • How to chant the Mantra to symbol 1

  • Atunement 1

  • Practice focusing on symbol 1 whilst giving a treatment

Day 2

  • Explanation of Symbol 2

  • How to draw and meditate on symbol 2

  • How to chant the Mantra of symbol 2

  • Attunement 2

  • Focus on symbol 2 whilst giving a treatment.

  • Feedback of the day

  • Home work 

 Day 3

  • Discussion of the previous days training 

  • Practice Japanese meditation 

  • Chant the Reiki Precepts in Japanese 

  • A deeper understanding of the energetic system and the Reiki symbols 

  • How the Reiki Precepts reflect in the symbols and how to use them together in meditation.

  • Explanation on the 3rd symbol 

  • How to draw and meditate on the symbol 

  • How to chant the Mantra of the 3rd symbol

  • Attunement 3

  • Explanation of Distance healing 

  • Spend time sending distance healing to each other, using symbols and Mantras.

Day 4

  • Explanation of 2 Japanese techniques on how to give treatments using intuition 

  • Spend time practicing giving treatments using your intuition.

  • Spend extra time sending distance healing.

  • How to give treatments as a business 

  • Receive a Reiki blessing

  • Feedback of the course.

Reiki Level 2 Course: About Us


Mountain Sunset

Reiki 2 Course (Okuden), 4 half day group Teachings
Maximum of 4 people During the Covid-19 pandemic.



Reiki 2 Course, (Okuden) 1-1 Teachings

Okuden is a Japanese word that means Inner Teachings.

Contact to book dates that suit you.

Buddhist Cymbals

Reiki 2, online development

Feel free to Join and browse through Reiki Interconnection's blogs and meditations, videos

Temples in Sunseet

2 hour 1to1 teachings

Deepen your Reiki development with 2 hours of 1-1 teachings with Reiki Master Teacher Tim Hall. You choose the subject you wish to learn, based on the teachings of Usui Reiki Ryoho only.

Prayer Candles

Reiki Share/Development Evening

Join 2.5 hours of meditation, chanting and sharing Reiki with others, Includes a Reiki Blessing. Online only until further notice.

Contact to book
Zen Stones

online Symbol 1 workshop

Learn a deeper understanding of Symbol 1 and enjoy Chanting the Mantra with Reiki Teacher Tim Hall, includes a Reiki Blessing

Book Now
Buddha Statue

2 hour Symbol & Mantra Workshop  Symbol 2 (intuition)

Learn a deeper understanding of symbol 2 and enjoy chanting the Mantra with Reiki Teacher Tim Hall, Includes a Reiki blessing. online only until further notice

Book Now
Image by Greg Rakozy

2 Hour Symbol & Mantra Workshop, Symbol 3 
(how to distance heal).

Learn a deeper understanding of symbol 3 and enjoy chanting the Mantra with Reiki Teacher Tim Hall.
You will also learn a deeper understanding of how to send Reiki from a Distance, Includes a Reiki Blessing. Online only until further notice.

Book Now
Reiki Level 2 Course: Price List
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