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Share Reiki with others

Held weekly for each level of Reiki.

Designed for the students of Tim Hall and Reiki Interconnection, but other Reiki people or non Reiki people may also join, appropriate levels.

Attunements given at each level, you will also have the opportunity of sharing and receiving Reiki. (on line only until further notice)

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Prayer Candles
Reiki Share/ Development Evenings: Service


Reiki Share/Development Evenings

Gain Confidence with your practice and share space with other Reiki people.
Meditate, chant and share Reiki with others.
Unfortunately this service is only available online whilst we are in the pandemic, and until further notice they will only be held once every 2 weeks, instead of every week.
Student from all levels of Reiki are able  to join each share, whilst the shares are online. non Reiki trained people are also allowed to join.   
Classes will be held via zoom, a link will be sent to you, once you are booked on.
1 hour session = £5:00

Zen Stones
Reiki Share/ Development Evenings: Welcome
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