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Close your eyes, relax, breathe and let go

Reiki Treatment
Reiki Treatment: Welcome
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Aline your energy system and learn to let go of anger worry and fear with a relaxing 1 hour Reiki treatment.
Reiki is a extremely relaxing treatment which works on whole self, the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical self, which helps you to reconnect to your true self, making you feel whole again.
When you feel whole, you heal at a deep level.
Reiki is a perfectly safe treatment to receive in any situation, as the person receiving Reiki will only ever take what they need at the time of receiving the treatment. 

Reiki helps to unblock energy pathways enabling Ki energy to flow freely and organically around the body and mind.

Reiki helps you to let go of past traumas that you may have struggled to let go in the past and helps you to reconnect to your true self again.
Reiki works on the emotional self first, helping you to reconnect to your spiritual self, which in tern helps the physical self to heal too.

The best results from receiving Reiki is when you receive a block of around 6 treatments, as Reiki works at a pace that is safe to do so. Receiving 6 treatments will help the healing process to organically take place at a safe pace for you.
Each treatment will be unique from each other and will be very relaxing. The practitioner will not diagnose at all,  as they will allow the Reiki to naturally flow to where in needs to go most and allow the healing process to take place organically, without the practitioners mind getting in the way.
When you book a block of 6 treatments you will be shown how to carry out basic Reiki meditations to practice by yourself before treatments, you will also receive your 6th treatment for free.

Of course if you wish to just receive the odd treatment every now and again just for relaxation purposes then you are more than welcome to, but for a lasting affect I would suggest the block of treatments.

1 hour Reiki treatment = £30, treatment rooms in both Cheltenham and Gloucester.

Reduced price for students of Tim Hall = £25:00

Contact to book a treatment with Tim Hall 

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